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DroidCon UK 2012 - Picking Up the Pieces – Overcoming Devices Fragmentation

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Session 1: The Fragment Transition by Corey Latislaw Session 2: Picking up the Pieces – Overcoming Devices Fragmentation by Jan Berkel & Jon Schmidt Session 3: Who Needs Thumbs? Android Instrumentation and Reverse Engineering by David Teitelbaum Session 4: Beaming Data to Devices with NFC by Mark Murphy Session 5: Memory Analyzer: avoiding memory leaks by Felipe Ferraz Session 6: Deep Dive into Android Custom Components by Chiu-Ki Chan Session 7: Fast, user-friendly and power-efficient network communication on Android by Erik Hellman Session 8: Developing for Android on 2.x/3.x/4.x by Kenichi Kambara Session 9: Crash Reporting Trends for Mobile App Developers by Andrew Levy Session 10: Android Layouts by Mark Allison 这一部分Session是由来着SoundCloud的两位开发者介绍他们在处理多设备兼容问题上的经验,除了开头一些是介绍SoundCloud的程序构架之外,其中更有一些具体他们如何处理兼容问题的代码,对于音频应用的开发者来说颇具价值。 讲稿: 笔记&录音 这部分我没怎么重点听,因为有太多的东西没有接触过所以也没有什么切身体会,不过还是拿出来供分享,以备以后之需。